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Effective. Visible. Capable. Our solutions improve response time, increase manpower, and provide maximum patrol coverage.

Electric vehicles provide ultimate efficiency and tactical capability. Clean-tech powered patrol/response units have a number of advantages for patrol purposes. Quiet vehicles keep all your senses on high alert. Increased visibility, employee moral, and the ability to complete patrol duties up to 3x faster empower your personnel. Decreased response time, fatigue, and the power to arrive fresh on the scene of an emergency immediately gives officers the upper hand. B2B Segway offers a wide range of electric vehicles compatible for indoor and outdoor patrolling, with 2- 3- and 4-wheel options.

Segway Patrollers

Segway Patrollers were designed with the direct input of trusted law enforcement professionals, and have been deployed by nearly 1,500 police and security organizations across the globe.

  • Segway i2 Patroller: Ideal for indoor/outdoor patrolling, fits easily through standard-width doorways, no wider than the average officer’s shoulders, zero emissions
  • Segway x2 Patroller: Off-road capability ideal for paved and unpaved territory, extra side-to-side stability and smooth riding over rough terrain

Bike patrol

Bike patrol is also a key element to safety, security, and visibility. Electric-powered bicycles provide powerful torque-sensor assistance across a range of options including power-on-demand and pedal assistance. One option from BH Easy Motion:

  • BH EasyMotion Neo Jumper Mountain Bike: Brushless planetary gear motor provides 50+ miles of assisted power, ergonomic design and fully adjustable suspension for ultimate officer efficiency and tactical capability

Three- and four-wheel vehicles

Three- and four-wheel vehicles are ideal for events, campuses, traffic and other areas heavily traversed by pedestrians. Low center of gravity and anti-fatigue pads provide a stable ride, while still maintaining the maneuverability to easily enter buildings and clear interior doorways.

  • Blue-RIDE Personal Transporter: Intuitive controls make it easy to drive, with full 3-wheel suspension and stand up operation for improved visibility and stability

In addition to electric-powered vehicles, B2B Segway provides a variety of value-added components:

  • Police lighting, sirens and reflectivity graphics
  • Cargo carrying options for each vehicle
  • SXP Helmets and HiViz gear for additional security and safety
  • Array of additional batteries for augmented range and all-shifts capability


  • Durable Equipment: Built to perform under the rigors of daily law enforcement utilization
  • Increased Response Time: Respond to situations faster, with more agility and less fatigue
  • Expanded Community Relations: Be approachable yet commanding (dominant/effective)
  • Forward-Thinking: Use today’s advanced technology for optimal performance and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Enhanced Presence: Be visible, responsive and interactive
  • Low Operating Costs: ~ 900 mpge efficiency, minimal maintenance expense, and long-lasting construction
  • Strengthened Morale: Empower employees to perform their duties in a better, faster and safer manner


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