E-Bike Kit

E-Bike Kit


This complete electric bike conversion kit system offers both e-bike novices and experienced electric bike riders safety, power, convenience and reliability.

Complete E-Bike Kit Systems include the E-BikeKit™ Conversion Kit & E-BikeKit Battery. With the E-BikeKit you get absolutely everything you need out of the box to convert your own conventional bicycle into a quiet, efficient and economical hybrid electric bike.

Engineered to comply with USA Federal guidelines and requires no insurance or licensing in most states. Bikes converted with the E-BikeKit Complete Conversion System are comparable to complete electric bikes costing more than $2500.

The E-BikeKit electric bike conversion kit system will work with any 36v or 48v e-bike battery pack. Please be aware that at 48 volts the system is capable of speeds (30MPH top speed at 26") that exceed Federal EBike Laws and your bike may become classified as a "motor vehicle". At 36 volts the E-Bike Conversion Kit is within the speed limitation guidelines (20MPH unassisted on flats with 150 pound rider) established by the U.S. Federal Electric Bike Law, and in most states, no license, registration or insurance is required.

The E-BikeKit hub motor wheel has been hand-built by a professional wheel builder with experience building wheels with hub motors for electric bike conversion kits.

List Price: $636 with SLA battery
$1142 with Lithium-Ion battery


  • Max Speed: 20 to 28 mph
  • Range: up to 34 mi
  • Battery: SLA or Lithium Ion
  • Recharge Time: 4-8 hours
  • Weight: 7 lbs (geared), 14 lbs (direct drive)
  • Motor: 350-450w peaks (geared), 500-1000w peaks (direct drive)
  • Wheel: USA hand-built w/ heavy duty double walled rum & steel spokes
  • Mode of Operation: throttle
  • Warranty: 1 year

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