SegVator LeanSeat

SegVator LeanSeat


The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) is part of the mobility equation – the SegVator® LeanSeat™ is another part.

Two versions of the SegVator® LeanSeat™ are available - high and low seat depending on need. The LeanSeat™ is interchangeable between Gen 1 and Gen 2 Segway® PT's.

The high LeanSeat™ is 24" above the platform base and the low LeanSeat™ is 16" above the platform base.
The SegVator® LeanSeat™ allows you to walk through for conventional Segway® operation. The high LeanSeat™ version is useful for anyone with standing duration issues to extend glide time. It is designed for use when stationary. The low LeanSeat™ version can be used for extended gliding. Users of this version must be able to fully sit, and return to a standing position unassisted.

Important Notes: SegVator® is not affiliated with Segway, Inc.

The LeanSeat is not compatible with the optional i2 Lower Cargo Frames. Other accessories may also create conflicts such as the optional Comfort Mats. The Low LeanSeat is not compatible with the X2.

NOTE: These aftermarket accessory products are not manufactured endorsed, or authorized by Segway Inc. for use on the SegwayPT. Sales of such aftermarket products are between Dealer and purchaser and are not authorized by Segway Inc.

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